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Whether you’re looking for general building maintenance or daily routine maintenance, Commercial Management Group Solutions can help!

CMGS is a full-service maintenance company dedicated to serving owners and managers of commercial and industrial properties. At CMGS we can provide service offerings in all key aspects of commercial property maintenance from an all-encompassing daily maintenance to include but not limited to portering, sweeping, landscaping, to the ad hoc repairs and maintenance for any and all structures throughout the property.

Our teams collaborate with one another to coordinate and provide the common area maintenance services that cover the individual needs of your property.

With a team at the ready and a cutting-edge real-time reporting software, our streamlined approach to communication gives our clients every reason to use CMGS for the properties they own and/or manage.

CMGS meets all required qualifications for Property Maintenance Management services in the State of Florida:

  • Liability Insurance
  • Federal Tax I.D. Number
  • Worker’s Compensation Insurance
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Maintenance Services

Pressure Washing

Our pressure washing services are one of the most impactful ways to increase and maintain a property’s immediate value and longevity.

Day Porter

Our day porters are the unseen heroes at CMGS. Our team take it upon themselves to uphold the image of each commercial facility they touch by keeping common areas, and vacant units clean.

Parking Lots

From daily sweeping to maintenance and improvements, we’ll improve your facility’s overall appearance and also improve the environmental impact on your community.

Roof Repair

The sun takes a toll on commercial roofs in Florida. With decades of experience in property maintenance, we serve a great need in North Florida for quality roof inspection, cleaning and repairs.


In addition to mowing, trimming and pruning, CMGS provides wide array of daily, monthly and quarterly landscaping services to ensure your exterior is consistently well-groomed.

Window Cleaning

With the changes in Florida weather, it only takes one storm to make windows nearly impossible to see through. Our window cleaning services will leave a lasting shine on your building.

Handyman Services

We take care of minor to major fixes for your property, so you can save the time and resources you’d have spend arranging for another contractor to come on the scene.

Preventative Maintenance

As a rule of thumb, every dollar a company spends on preventative maintenance saves $5 in the long run. Let CMGS become part of your preventative maintenance routine.

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We Are Fully Licensed and Insured To Serve The State Of Florida For All Your On-Site Property Needs. 

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We Are Fully Licensed and Insured To Serve The State Of Florida For All Your On-Site Property Needs. 

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Head Office

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